Medieval and Early Modern Studies

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Program Overview

The Renaissance gave us the "Uomo Universale," the idealized "Renaissance Men or Women" who mastered many fields of human expression to serve the needs of their community and to lead a more fulfilled life.

Today, Assumption, with its roots in the liberal arts and Catholic intellectual tradition takes inspiration from that idea. The Minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) offers students the opportunity to explore the richness and diversity of the Medieval and Early Modern world by combining studies in history, literature, languages, the arts, philosophy, politics, and religion to deepen and broaden their understanding of Medieval and Early Modern civilizations.

The MEMS minor should be taken in conjunction with the student’s primary discipline and is especially recommended to complement participation in a study abroad program in Europe or Latin America. Students considering pursuing Medieval or Early Modern Studies as a specialty in graduate school or as a career are also strongly encouraged to obtain proficiency in one or more foreign languages, especially Latin.


Students pursuing the MEMS minor must complete a total of six courses, including an upper-level history course.

MEMS Lectures: 

Every spring, faculty members from different disciplines present their on-going research in medieval and Early Modern topics. In spring 2016, Dr. Winston Black, from the Assumption History Department, presented: “Bloodletting for the Soul: Medieval Pastors, Preachers, and Learned Medicine,” which can be viewed here