Latin American Studies

Course Information

Program Overview

The Department of Latin American Studies responds to the increased interest in the societies of the region and to the need to understand the complexity of their history, political and economic systems, social structures, and literary and artistic expression. The history of the Latin American nations and the development of their distinctive identities developed since pre-Columbian times through colonization, the struggle for independence, and the establishment of modern democracies offer a challenging range of areas to explore. The presence of Latin America within the United States in the Latino communities gives another dimension to the study.

  • Students are strongly advised to study junior year abroad in a Latin American country.
  • The program fosters multiple opportunities for multiculturalism and diversity.
  • An appreciation and understanding of Latin American/Latino culture and history gives students an advantage in any profession, particularly international business.
  •  Helps to prepare students for the ever growing diverse work force.
  • Provides and supports experiential learning opportunities in our local Worcester community
  • Courses are typically interdisciplinary.

Career Fields

  • Business
  • Community Services
  • Government
  • International Relations
  • Media
  • International Law
  • Education